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carrs No 188 Solder  (Ref: NO188)

carrs No 188 Solder

This strip solder is ideal for soldering sheet metal and close fitting joints. Its short melting range minimises the heat required and the risk of distortion. Low surface tension means that only a small fillet is left along a joint, it also flows more readily than less pure - common solders. Its extra low antimony content makes it reliable with brass and nickel silver - unlike common electrical solders.

Part Nº: C1004.

Form: Wire.

Quantity: Approx 2 metres

Melting Point: 188°C.

Lead Free: NO

Flux: Dependent on metals being joined.

Constituents: Tin/Lead.

Usage: General purpose, high strength

7.20 8.64


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carrs No 179 Solder (Ref: No179)

carrs No 179 Solder

Part Nº: C1003.

Form: Wire.

Quantity: Approx 2 metres

Melting Point: 179°C.

Lead Free: NO

Flux: Dependent on metals being joined.

Constituents: Tin/Lead/Silver.


This is a specialised solder for aluminium and its alloys – Mazak, etc. and is used with Grey Label Flux. It has only about half the strength of a tin/lead solder and will fuse with almost any metal provided that the right flux has been used. It has a high surface tension so makes thick joints with large fillets. As aluminium soaks up a lot of heat, use a higher wattage iron than for brass. Soldered aluminium is highly susceptible to corrosion, therefore it is important to seal all joints from the atmosphere within an hour or so of making them. ELEXTROFIX is ideal for this.

7.20 8.64


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Carrs Electrofix (Ref: EF1.)

Carrs Electrofix

ELECTROFIX is a clear lacquer which will prevent the black being rubbed away. It will also provide a low strength seal for nuts & bolts where it is not desireable to use Loctite etc. It is essential for the protection of soldered joints to aluminium.

6.50 7.80


Carrs Bitloose (Ref: C1009)

Carrs Bitloose

This non drying silicone heat transfer paste will prevent bits from becoming stuck in the iron. Simply wipe your soldering iron bit before use and when it is cold.

5.18 6.22


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Carrs Brown Label Flux (Ref: BLF1)

Carrs Brown Label Flux

Part Nº: C1030. Brown Flux

Form: Liquid.

Quantity: 50ml

Usage: Stainless Steel

This is formulated for soldering most stainless steels and other difficult metals such as ni-chrome resistance wires. It is also good for piano wire, syringe needle tubes etc. Residues should be carefully washed away in warm water.

Caution! This flux is a strong acid. Please observe special precautions when using.
If spilt wash with copious amounts of water and neutralise with Neutralising Rinse.

14.70 17.64


Carrs Surface Conditioner (Ref: SCD1)

Carrs Surface Conditioner

Copper based alloys may be immersed in a plastic bath of Surface Conditioner to remove oxidation, heat stains etc. After cleaning in this chemical the metal should be rinsed under a running tap until the water will no longer wet it. A product so treated will remain bright & shiny for some time without further treatment. It will also take solder without further cleaning. It is an excellent pre-painting or pre-metal blackening treatment for any metal.

7.20 8.64


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