Proxxon Polishing machine PM 100

(Ref: 507267)

For standard brushes and accessories up to 4" or 102mm. Load bearing side parts made of aluminium with milled bearing seats enable very quiet low-vibration operation.

With long, ball bearing mounted main shaft (distance from disc to disc approx. 360mm) and adjustable protective guards to work cleanly with polishing pastes. The right polishing arbor is screwed on and can be removed to use different accessories.

Powerful drive through DC motor with speed control (full-wave electronics). For high starting torque and enormous traction even during strong contact pressure.

Firm mounting with screws, but also with the attached screw clamp in horizontal or vertical position.

Included with the original equipment: muslin polishing wheel (100 x 15mm), fabric polishing wheel (100 x 15mm) and a polishing bar (paste, 25 x 28 x 92mm).

Technical data:
220 - 240V. 140W. 50/60Hz. Variable speed of 1,000 - 3,100rpm. For polishing discs up to max. Ø 102mm or 4". Size L 360, W 220, H 250mm. Weight approx. 5kg. Class 1 insulation.

Shaft drive via toothed belt: The motor no longer limits the working area. The slim housing around the main shaft even enables machining the surface of very long and variously shaped work piece

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