Digital Disc Brake Rotor Caliper (Ref: 60017001) From Chronos

Electronic Digital Brake Disc Caliper Suitable for measuring and setting disc brake components Internal jaws for pad wear External jaws for pad and disc wear Range: 0–150mm/6” Resolution: 0.01mm/0.0005” Accuracy: +/- 0.015mm / 0.001” Digit size:: 11mm 3 Operating Buttons: On/Off, Metric/Inch, Zero Set Thumb Roller Power: 1 x SR44 Silver Oxide Battery Working Temp: […]

Clarke Barrel II 8kW Cast Iron Wood Burning Stove (Ref: 6910101) From Chronos

Clarke Barrel II 8kW Cast Iron Wood Burning Stove  (Ref: 6910101) This compact and stylish wood burning stove brings warmth and ambience to any room. With a heat output of 8kW and 77.2% energy efficient it is economical and ideal for heating smaller rooms where space…Read more Heat Output (wood burning): 8kW Efficiency: 77.2% Outlet […]

Quick Change Toolpost for Variable Speed Mini Lathes 7 x 10

This New Quick change Tool Post system is suitable for the Clarke CL300M Lathe and most of the simiilar 7 x 10 variable Speed Mini Lathes available today

Vertex Rotary Tables From Chronos – HV 6, 8 ,10 & 12

Vertex – superb quality engineering tools –  These tables also have a relatively low height when in the horizontal mode allowing greater working capacity in the machine. They have a totally ground finish which provides high precision and smooth rotation – everything you would expect from VERTEX. The centre of the table is fitted to an […]

The Latest Range of Clarke Heavy Duty Boltless Shelving From Clarketooling


Clarke Digicar 900 Electronic Battery Charger/Starter (Ref: 6261205) from Clarke Tooling

The Digicar 900 is a new generation fully automatic, microprocessor controlled professional battery charger. It also provides a boost function that is designed to safely jump start modern vehicles without damaging sensitive electronics such as found in ABS, airbag sensors, ignition and audio systems. For charging AGM, Gel, Calcium and Lead acid batteries Wheels and […]

Clarke CTJ10GLS 10 Tonne Heavy Duty Trolley Jack (Ref: 7623095) From Clarketooling

The Clarke CTJ10GLS Heavy Duty Trolley Jack benefits from an extra-long reach, large 148mm diameter saddle and 10 Tonne capacity for easy lifting and a secure hold. Saddle min/max: 160/560mm Extra-long reach 1.5metre chassis Handle mounted twist release valve Handle and foot operated lifting function Control rod on handle allows it to be locked in […]

Clarke CTJ5GLS 5 Tonne Heavy Duty Commercial Trolley Jack (Ref: 7623090) From Clarketooling

This Clarke heavy duty trolley jack features an extra-long reach 1.4 metre chassis and large 128mm saddle. This trolley jack also benefits from a control rod on the handle which allows it to be locked. Saddle min/max: 150/560mm Extra-long reach 1.4metre chassis Handle mounted twist release valve Handle and foot operated lifting function Control rod […]

Clarke BC100C Battery Charger & Engine Starter (Ref: 6210106)

Clarke battery chargers have been keeping people and their vehicles on the move for over 30 years. The BC100Cis a robust machine for both home and occasional commercial use. It includes a multi position charge regulator, a powerful boost facility and reverse polarity protection. Altogether, this model represents the ultimate in terms of performance and […]

Clarke PSP105 Puddle Pump With Auto Sensor (Ref: 7230693)

250W Puddle Pump with Auto sensor – This submersible pump is ideal for draining flooded cellars, sumps etc.This is the perfect solution for clearing shallow bodies of water such as spillages because of its ability to pump as low as1mm from the floor.

250W 230V motor
3 position auto sensor allows remaining water level to be set
Outlet:1.5″ BSP with non-return valve.
3 step outlet adaptor; 1″ BSP, 1″hose,1 ½” hose
100l/min rated maximum flow rate
0m/6m Min/max head
Max depth 5m
Cable length 10m
Weight 4kg

Note: Suitable for use with clean water only