Clarke Digicar 900 Electronic Battery Charger/Starter (Ref: 6261205) from Clarke Tooling

The Digicar 900 is a new generation fully automatic, microprocessor controlled professional battery charger. It also provides a boost function that is designed to safely jump start modern vehicles without damaging sensitive electronics such as found in ABS, airbag sensors, ignition and audio systems. For charging AGM, Gel, Calcium and Lead acid batteries Wheels and […]

Clarke CTJ10GLS 10 Tonne Heavy Duty Trolley Jack (Ref: 7623095) From Clarketooling

The Clarke CTJ10GLS Heavy Duty Trolley Jack benefits from an extra-long reach, large 148mm diameter saddle and 10 Tonne capacity for easy lifting and a secure hold. Saddle min/max: 160/560mm Extra-long reach 1.5metre chassis Handle mounted twist release valve Handle and foot operated lifting function Control rod on handle allows it to be locked in […]

Clarke CTJ5GLS 5 Tonne Heavy Duty Commercial Trolley Jack (Ref: 7623090) From Clarketooling

This Clarke heavy duty trolley jack features an extra-long reach 1.4 metre chassis and large 128mm saddle. This trolley jack also benefits from a control rod on the handle which allows it to be locked. Saddle min/max: 150/560mm Extra-long reach 1.4metre chassis Handle mounted twist release valve Handle and foot operated lifting function Control rod […]

Magnetic Camber Castor & King Pin Gauge from Chronos- £59.95

New – Just Arrived from Chronos This is a robust magnetic gauge that easily mounts onto a hub or brake disc for the quick and accurate measurement of camber & castor angles and also king pin inclination. One the rear there are two brass adjuster knobs, one for zeroing the bubble during angle measurement and the […]


COMPLETE NICKEL PLATING KIT This kit contains everything required to plate items overnight with a high lustre finish and protection against corrosion. Follow the comprehensive instructions for superb results every time. Not to be confused with inferior products which use a poorly controlled power supply. This kit has been specifically designed for the model engineer/restorer […]