Nickel Plating Kit

Nickel Plating Kit (Ref: NCK100)

Nickel Plating Kit

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This kit contains everything required to plate items overnight with a high lustre finish and protection against corrosion.

Follow the comprehensive instructions for superb results every time.
Not to be confused with inferior products which use a poorly controlled power supply.

This kit has been specifically designed for the model engineer/restorer and has proven over the years to be the best available.

All components of the kits are readily available if required.

Fully guaranteed, with 24 hour back up, email service


1 plastic plating tank 10 litre
1 nickel salts (makes 5 litres)
1 tank heater
1 support rod set
1 pack support clips
1 power supply
1 control unit
4 nickel anodes
1 croc. clip lead set
1 pack scourer powder
1 safety mask
1 pair gloves
1 instruction booklet
1 test kit


109.14 130.97


Spare Anode for Nickel Plating Kit (Ref: NCK200)

Spare Anode for Nickel Plating Kit

9.92 11.90


1KG Nickel salts (Ref: NCK300)

1KG Nickel salts

28.66 34.39


Replacement Scourer Powder for Nickel Kit (Ref: NCK400)

Replacement Scourer Powder for Nickel Kit

2.20 2.64


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