Perma-grit Tools - Tungsten Carbide Abrasives

Perma-grit Hand Tools

The flat strips are useful for general sanding and getting into slots where it is not possible to use the Sanding Blocks.Overall size 230mm x 38mm x 1mm. The 6mm square file is ideal for cutting small slots, and getting into tight corners.

Perma-grit Sanding Blocks

Light and easy to hold, these sanding blocks come in four standard sizes and are made from anodised aluminium extrusion. Tungsten carbide strips are then bonded to the flat faces. Coarse one side and fine the other. A truely flat sander, great for straight edges and they will sand a perfect right-angle when placed on their side.

Permagrit Needle Files

These needle files are made fom tungsten carbide welded to mild steel blanks. Unlike conventional files, they will cut in any direction, and remove material much quicker. Perfect for small detail work. . Only available in one grit size, medium 280 grit. Five shapes available. (Overall length 14cms)

Perma-grit Rotary Files for Dremel  Proxxon etc

These are supplied with a 3mm integral arbor so that may be used in reversible drive drills and hobby drills like Dremel , Proxxon , Minitool & Minicraft etc. The shapes are turned down from steel before the grit is welded to the surface. This means that they are well balanced and run smoothly. They cut a wide range of materials in any direction with little need for finishing. Then shapes are available in coarse & fine and with certain shapes available in fine.

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