Powertwist Drive Belt System

Z Section Powertwist Belt (1 metre) 10 mm wide (Ref: PETZ)

Z Section Powertwist Belt (1 metre) 10 mm wide

Powertwist is designed to excel in applications where traditional endless belts fail to perform or are difficult to fit. Powertwist offers many benefits:-
Easy/Fast Fitting- No Joining Tools- Long Lasting- Low Maintenanc- Reduced Vibration/Noise- Make to Any Length- Non-Marking
Manufactured from a high performance elastomer and reinforced by polyester fabric , Powertwist provides an incredibly strong, yet flexible belt which offers improved performance in key criteria in comparison to more conventional belts.
Easy/Faster Fitting
Downtime can be reduced from hours to just minutes. Powertwist can be made to length on site and joined by hand.There is no need to dismantle equipment or use joining or welding tools.
Highly Durable
Powertwist outperforms conventional belts in demanding conditions. It is highly resistant to extreme temperatures (over 100ºC), abrasion, exposure to oils, grease, water, steam and common industrial solvents and chemicals.
Low Maintenance
Powertwist needs no lubrication and minimal re-tensioning whilst in operation.
Reduction in Noise
The Powertwist design can reduce operational noise by up to 50%.
Long Lengths
Powertwist can be made into belts of any length allowing long centre distances in conveying applications.
Reduced Stockholding
Powertwist can be made to length on site , this removes the need to hold numerous different spare belt lengths.
Powertwist does not leave contact marks or stains on the products being conveyed
Sold in one metre multiples - no part metres available

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