Clarke CMD300 Milling Drilling Machine 7610860 – New from Chronos

New from Clarke &  Chronos – This is a highly precise drilling & milling machine and  is ideal for  small or more compact workshops, or simply where space is an issue. Ideal for Model Engineering .
It is Bench mountable, the CMD300 has a head that tilts 45° left & right (from vertical), and is robustly constructed from steel. It also comes with all the necessary tools & accessories to successfully use and maintain it.
Such accessories include a drill chuck & taper shank plus lubricating oil, fixing pin, hex keys, a ‘C’ spanner, 3 wrenches, drill chuck key, drill handles, table adjusting wheels, ‘T’-Nuts and draw bar for the spindle lock.
Specification is as follows:
  • Table cross / longitudinal travel – 100 / 235mm
  • Spindle speeds – 0 to 2500rpm
  • 470w, 230v motor
  • Spindle Taper: MT3
  • Table Effective Size LxW(mm): 92mm x 400mm
  • Dimensions depth x width x height: 514 x 506 x 756mm.
  • Weight 51 Kg

Includes – 36 mm Wrench , Drill Chuck and Taper shank , Oil Bottle , Fixing Pin , 4 Hex Keys , C Spanner , 3 Wrenches , Drill Chuck Key , 2 x Handles , 2 x T Nuts , Draw Bar

Optional Accessories are as follows:

7610866 Clamping Kit
7610868 100 mm Quick Release Vice
7610874 7pc Endmill Set
7610870 Indexable Endmill
7610866 Mill Chuck Set

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