Small Milling Vice Suitable for Myford Type Milling Slide for Myford Lathes

This new product has been brought in by popular demand and is suitable for many small lathes; this is ideal for anyone with a Myford milling slide or other Myfrod products. The fixed jaw has horizontal and vertical vees for ease of use when holding round material. It can be mounted using either the 2 milled outer slots or the 2 inner drilled holes. Suitable T nuts would be required (not included). It can also be used as a standalone vice in either a horozontal or vertical position.

Jaw Width – 60mm
Jaw Opening – 50mm
Distance between slots – 75mm
Distance Between Holes – 45mm
Overall Height when HZ – 45mm
Overall Height When VT – 110mm (not inc screw)
Footpront when HZ – 110 x 85mm
Weight 1.8 KG

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