Chronos Airbrush BD-130 Customer Review

We have very kindly been sent a review of one of our most popular Airbrushes – The BD-130

BD130Hi ,

I was asked to purchase one of your airbrushes to test, mainly to find out if it will be suitable for spraying paints for lexan bodies. We race 1/24th slotcars and our club in the Newcastle area is not only one of the biggest but also the fastest track  in the uk.

The track is hand built which can be viewed at , one of the problems we have is that our bodyshells come in Clear and are needed  to be painted to some form of scale, as the guys and gals know I airbrush my bodyshells they asked me to find a reasonably priced airbrush, after putting your BD 130 through its paces I’m very surprised at its outcome and I gave it 10 out of 10 and would actually say it beats the Iwata neo, especially as it has the needle control , cleaning is a doddle I’ve never come across an

20130108_142843Airbrush that is as easy to clean as this one, the visible internal section you see through the fluid cup is immaculately polished  – better than a lot I’ve seen which definitely aids in the cleaning, after testing the airbrush with several different paints we use it’s A1+ and fine line

Control is superb, so after taking in the bodyshell I actually airbrushed and was scrutinized by all  I think you may get a few sales.

Cheers max – Maxmask-uk

Ps. One very happy customer              



BD130 Double Action Trigger Gravity Feed Airbrush  (Ref: BD130)

BD130 Double Action Trigger Gravity Feed Airbrush Feed Type: Gravity
Standard Nozzle Dia.:0.3 mm
Cup capacity: 7cc
Working Pressure:15-50psi
Carton Dimensions(cm): 51 * 39 * 28
N.W./G.W: 15 /17kg
Double-action Trigger Air-paint Control.
Alternative Nozzle Size:
0.2mm / 0.25mm / 0.5mmSuitable for General Art Work , Drawing , Crafts etc – Fine lines of less than 1 mm

Body length 150mm, Nozzle dia 0.3mm, Working pressure 15-50 psi, 1 x Metal cup 7cc, Air input 1/8 bsp


£14.00 £16.80


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