Dasqua Telescopic Bore Gauge Set 5/16 – 6″- Up to 6″ Depth (Ref: 59120002) From Chronos


New from Dasqua- Guaranteed for Life !

• Great tool for easy and accurate measurements the true sizes of holes, slots.
• Satin chrome finished.
• Rigid handle with self-centering feature.
• Constant spring tension for uniform feel.
• Contact plunger automatically self-center at all times and in all positions
• Contact points are hardened and radius are ground providing clearance for
insertion ino the smallest hole the gage will enter.

5/16-1/2″,1/2-3/4″,3/4-1-1/4″,1 1/4-2 1/8″, 2 1/8-3 1/2″,3 1/2-6″ up to 6″


£17.10 while stocks last