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Clarke CSV4A Submersible Pump With Float Switch (Ref: 7230604)

1300W Submersible pump with float switch – This powerful submersible electric powered water pump is perfect for draining and transferring water in many different situations. Examples of use include draining cellars and basements, ditches, footings etc.

Note: Suitable for use with clean water or dirty water.

1300W 230V motor
Float switch will automatically turn the motor off once the water level drops
Outlet: 2” BSP with 2 and 3 step adaptors; 2” hose, 11/2” BSP and 11/4” hose, 1” hose and 1” BSP
417 l/min rated maximum flow rate
0m/11m Min/max head
Max depth 7m
Cable length 10m

Clarke PSV7A 750W Submersible Pump With Folding Base (Ref: 7230696)

This powerful submersible pump is ideal for draining surface water including flooded cellars, sumps etc.

It can be used to remove both clean and dirty water. Using the fold down base allows water containing solid bodies up to 30mm in diameter to be pumped.

750W 230V motor
Adjustable position float switch automatically turns the pump off when water level drops
Outlet size 11/2” BSP with additional non-return valve and 4 step adaptor; 1” BSP/Hose, ¾” hose, ½” hose
217 l/min rated maximum flow rate
0m/8m min/max head
Max depth 7m
Cable length 10m