Antex Plug in Energy Regulator


The ANTEX Energy Regulator is designed for use with any 230 volt ANTEX soldering irons with a maximum of 100 watts.
The soldering iron is connected to the Energy Regulator in place of a normal mains plug.

Standard soldering irons normally operate with a tip temperature in the range 370 to 420° C (according to model and bit profile).However, there is growing use of soldering irons as hot tools in non-soldering applications requiring lower temperatures, e.g. wax painting, dental moulding, plastics etching, document preservation.

The Energy Regulator permits a standard soldering iron (up to 100 watts) to be used for these applications or indeed for soldering applications where lower temperatures are required for component safety.

According to model of iron, the Energy Regulator will control down to approximately 100° C.

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