BD181 Profesional Gravity Feed Airbrush Kit SORRY OUT OF STOCK


This is Similar to the BD180 above – the difference being it has a smaller nozzle size (0.2mm) and a larger gravity feed cup of 13cc.
The Gravity Feed airbrush, alternatively, allows the artist to slow down. Gravity pulls material into the airbrush, so the airbrush can be operated at a lower pressure for improved airbrush control. This makes it easier to do finer detail work as the finishing process can be done at a more deliberate pace. Gravity feed is usually the best choice for detail airbrushing.
This airbrush airbrush will work well with fine lines of less than 1mm .
Typical uses are commercial arts, craftwork , photo retouching, craftwork , cosmetics spraying, fine art, , spray tanning, body art etc etc

Feed Type: Gravity
Standard Nozzle Dia.:0.2mm
Cup Capacity: 13cc
Working Pressure:15-50psi

Double-actionTrigger Air-paint Control.

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