Flexcut FRP405 9 Piece PREMIUM DELUXE Palm Set 104595


The Flexcut Premium Deluxe Palm Set features 9 carefully chosen carving tools with cherry wood palm handles. Every chisel edge undergoes hand sharpening and testing before leaving the Flexcut factory, to ensure the tools perform from the word go.

The Flexcut high carbon steel keeps an edge for a long time. These edges require minimal maintenance. Regular stropping significantly extends the intervals between sharpening, leaving you with more time to carve.

The comfortable cherry wood handles have a brass ferrule for added strength. A small flat on the back of the handle prevents the tool from rolling off your bench.

The set comes in a lidded, wooden box, which keeps these super sharp tools safely organised and protects the edges from damage. You get an awful lot of carving in one box.

The set includes #2 x 8mm, #3 x 9mm, #3 x 16mm, #5 x 14mm, #6 x 8mm, #8 x 10mm, #11 x 3mm, and Vee tools 70° x 6mm and 70° x 9mm.

Key Features

  • Cherry wood palm handles for comfort and control
  • Sharpened and honed edges ready to go
  • High carbon steel keeps an edge for a long time
  • Brass ferrule for added strength
  • Lidded, wooden box, keeps tools safely organised

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