ROT1 – 4″ Rotary Table With 70 MM 4 Jaw Chuck

£105.00 (£126.00 incl VAT)

As above but with a 70 mm 4 Jaw Independent Chuck , adaptor plate and mounting kit!
Overall height of table under 2″ – a useful feature if it is to be used with smaller milling attachments. The table can be locked in any position. Centre height in vertical position 2 1/16 in bringing the table within the range of most model engineering lathes & mills. The hand wheel scale which can be zeroed, is marked in degrees and 10 min divisions. The table is calibrated in 5 deg increments around the rim. Bronze worm wheel and steel worm with 36 to 1 ratio. Gear meshing is adjustable to take up wear.
A set of suitable T nuts, studs and clamps is now included !
2 x Slotted Clamps 40mm x 20 mm
2 x 6mm Studs 50 mm long with nuts
2 x step clamps 25 x 15 mm


ROT1 – 4″ Rotary Table With 70 MM 4 Jaw Chuck from Chronos Engineering Supplies

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