SCT 4 Jaw Geared Scroll Chuck Complete Boxed Set 95mm M33 x 3.5mm Thread


4 Jaw Geared Scroll Chuck Set
1 pc 4 Jaw Geared Scroll Chuck
1 pc Wood Screw Chuck
1 pc T Handle Allen Wrench
1 pc Cross Handle Lock Wrench
1 pc Allen Key
1 pc Flat Jaws
16 pcs Rubber Pins
1 pc Step Jaws
1 pc Pin Jaws
1 pc Wide Jaws
1 pc Indexing Plate

M33 x 3.5 mm Thread
Chuck Diameter 3.75”/95mm Standard Dovetail Jaws Compression Grip 60-40mm | Expansion Grip 55-75mm
Large Dovetail Jaws Compression Grip 100-80mm | Expansion Grip 95-115mm
Stepped Jaws Compression Grip 25-5mm | Expansion Grip 15-70mm
Pin Jaws Compression Grip 30-10mm | Expansion Grip 30-50mm
Button Jaws Compression Grip 115-60mm

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