Proxxon MBS 240/E Micro-Bandsaw

The Micro-Bandsaw, has a solid, ribbed die-cast aluminium housing and features double ball bearing aluminium pulleys. Its sturdy and easy to manage and has a machined table with slot for mitre gauge as well as an optional coolant trough measures a generous 200 x 200mm. The table tilts through 45° for very accurate mitre sawing. The machine is powered by a small noise 240 Volt motor (high quality, for quiet, prolonged use) with toothed belt drive. The speed is controlled electronically for extremely accurate sawing. A clear table indicates the recommended speed for most materials. The blade size is ideal for fine work, allowing cutting of small radii. Standard equipment includes one 1,065 x 5.0 x 0.4 mm (14 TPI) band saw blade. A diamond blade is available for cutting glass and ceramics, this must be used in conjunction with the coolant system and coolant collection tray. This product is very hi-tech.