Tormek Sharpening Tools

The most competitive online shop for Tormek Sharpening and Tormek Grinding systems. The tools are guided in jigs and remove a minute fraction of steel at each sharpening with repeatability. Your tools will last longer and always be in perfect shape for all your sharpening needs. FREE UK DELIVERY ON TORMEK (orders over £100).

Tormek sharpening systems for edge tools

Complicated shapes as fingernail turning gouges, spoon carving gouges and oval skew chisels are easily sharpened with Tormek machines. Once the shape is created, you can re-sharpen the edge in less than a minute. The water cooled slow speed grindstone means that the steel the edge does not overheat and lose its hardness. The leather wheel is impregnated with honing compound and polishes the edge to a razor sharpness. No grinding dust is produced and the steel particles are deposited into the water trough. Tormek systems are safe. At the low speed, you can fully control the sharpening. No sparks are produced and there is no risk to your eyes and you can safely use the machine in areas of high fire risk.

The Tormek T-8 sharpening machine

The T-8 maximises the precision with its revolutionary fully cast housing. This new design, together with a number of elaborated details, gives you the best conditions possible for a successful sharpening with top results.

The advanced design ensures an unbeatable precision for the Universal Support, which is the foundation of the Tormek sharpening system, since it controls all grinding jigs and accessories. The former mounted sleeves for the Universal Support are now integrated in this model's fully cast machine housing. This update will increase the accuracy in your sharpening.

The characteristic drive system of Tormek is also implemented in this new model. The efficient system manages to maintain a constant speed, even under full load - something unique for Tormek’s sharpeners. Tormek Original Grindstone SG-250 sharpen all qualities of steel, including HSS. The powerful AC motor is designed to drive the full size grindstone during continuous use.

The water trough has been further improved with a screw lift for an easier fitting. It also has a double function magnetic scraper; during sharpening the magnet collects steel particles and after sharpening the scraper will make it easy to clean the water trough. For long tools that may drip water outside the water trough (like chef’s knives and planer blades), you can easily fit the included water chute onto the edge of the water chute.

Another worked through detail is the stainless steel main shaft with Tormek’s unique EzyLock nut, which automatically set the stone to the right torque without tools. EzyLock also makes it easy to switch stone if you work with Tormek special stones SB-250 or SJ-250.

Included with the T-8: the updated Square Edge jig SE-77, plus all you need as basic equipment: the TT-50 Truing Tool, the SP-650 Stone Grader, the WM-200 AngleMaster, the PA-70 Honing Compound and the Tormek Handbook on sharpening.

The Tormek T-4 sharpening machine

Tormek T-4 takes precision and stability to a completely new level. Vital functions like the motor and the main shaft are mounted in the zinc cast top, which also includes integrated sleeves for the Universal Support. This advanced design ensures an unbeatable precision for the Universal Support, which control all jigs and accessories.

Like the larger Tormek models, the T-4 is equipped with the Tormek Original Grindstone SG-200. It is optimised to combine efficient steel removal, smooth surface finish and a long life. With the included Stone Grade SP-650, you can alter the stone surface from 220 grit to about a 1000 grit surface, giving you two different sharpening qualities in one stone.

The T-4 is well suited for sharpening chisels, knives, scissors, and smaller tools like carving tools. It also works with turning tools and drill bits, but for plane irons and moulding knives we recommend one of the larger Tormek machine models. Note that a few shapes of gouges cannot be honed with the SVD-186 Gouge Jig on the leather honing wheel due to the compact size of the Tormek T-4. These tools can be honed freehand instead.

The motor is rated for 30-minutes continuous use at a time. That is usually more than enough for the house need, but if you sharpen more we advise you to take a look at one of the larger Tormek machine models which can run continuously.

Keep your tools sharp

Tormek has the best sharpening solutions for different types of edge tools. Perfect for professional craftsman, cook or DIY enthusiast, a Tormek sharpening system helps you to keep your tools sharp. See the difference in your results when using an edge sharpened and honed on a Tormek. The three different machine models are carefully designed and adapted to their respective end-use. Common to all the Tormek machines is that they are equipped with a powerful industrial motor and built based on high quality and functionality. The Tormek way of sharpening is both gentle and highly effective in keeping the edge to an optimal shape.

  • Sharpen all your edge tools
    With the wide range of unique and patented Tormek jigs and machines, you can sharpen practically any type of edge tool. Tormek is dedicated to developing sharpening systems through innovative solutions.
  • Exact replication
    The key word when sharpening with Tormek is repeatability. You can shape the tool exactly to your needs. Even complicated shapes such as fingernail turning gouges, spoon carving gouges and oval skew chisels with a radiused edge are easily sharpened. This means that when it’s time to sharpen your tool next time you can easily repeat the previous shape.
  • Cleanest edge
    You finish the sharpening process by honing and polishing the edge on the honing wheel. On the Tormek T-4 and T-8, you use the leather honing wheel along with the honing compound which will gently remove the burr. The Tormek T-2 Knife Sharpener has a specially developed composite wheel with integrated polish for final polishing of the edge, which gives the knife a very sharp edge.
  • Fast sharpening
    Once the shape is created, you only remove a fraction of the steel when re-sharpening, which makes it a quick job. Furthermore, the Tormek T-2 Knife Sharpener is designed to meet to professional’s demand for an even faster sharpening.
  • Full control
    At the low speed, you have full control of the sharpening and remove no more steel than necessary. An extra benefit is that your tools will last much longer.
  • No risk of overheating
    Thanks to the low speed on all our machines, there is no risk that the edge becomes overheated and loses its hardness. On the Tormek T-4 and T-8, the edge is continuously cooled with water during the sharpening. On the Tormek T-2, the fine-grained diamond wheel and slow rotation prevent the edge from becoming overheated.
  • Powerful motor and unique gear system
    The industrial Tormek motor maintains an ideal RPM, regardless of load. The reliable self-adjusting gear design ensures you always get the right torque, without excessive force and wear to the system.
  • Efficient grinding wheels
    The unique composition of the Tormek grinding wheels has been thoroughly tested to offer the best combination of efficient steel removal, smooth surface finish and long stone life. The Original grinding stone, which comes with Tormek T-8 and T-4, has a composition that gives you two different cutting actions in the same stone, when using the Stone Grader SP-650. The fine-grained diamond wheel on the Tormek T-2 provides a sharp edge and an effective steel removal. We also offer alternative grinding wheels for different applications.
  • Safe and quiet
    No sparks are produced that can be a fire hazard in workshops with a lot of wood dust. You will also find that the Tormek runs surprisingly quietly. On the water cooled sharpening machines (T-4 and T-8), worn steel particles are deposited into the water trough. On the knife sharpener (T-2), there is a magnet that collects all the steel particles during the sharpening.
  • Quality and performance
    The Tormek system is the original in water cooled sharpening. Our machines have been used in workshops around the world for more than 40 years, and in the process earned a reputation for their versatility and dependability. Buying a Tormek is an investment in quality and performance, with a 7-year warranty.