1/6 th Scale British Jeeps – Built by Nigel Somerville Using Chronos Materials in Aid of Help the Heroes

Hi, just to say a few words, as to the whys and reasons for me making the 1/6 scale jeep parts.
The whole world of 1/6 scale from jeeps to tanks, tend to cater for the big demand areas, leaving a small yet historic gap, in the 1/6 world.
There are thousands of, as issued jeeps, model wise, but few show a replicated British Army version, with the British army modifications
seen as per world war two.
These modifications are aided by the use of Chronos engineering angle, to build scale racks and carriers, so often omitted from so many other models, probably
due to mass production manufacturing methods, thus being a model maker, I find Chronos, an invaluable source for my modelling needs.
 here is a pic, showing one use of the Chronos, 1/4x 1/16 brass angle, here it is used to replicate a 1/6 scale willys jeep pannier frame, as used by the British 1st Airborne Division at the battle of Arnhem, Holland

in September 1944.
This model was sold, giving a percentage, of the sale to the charity Help for Heroes
Nigel Somerville