A Review of Glanze Indexable Lathe Tools from the website

Having just bought a Warco WM240b lathe I needed some larger tools as everything up until now had been based around my HobbyMat and Unimat 3 that are both very happy with 6mm tooling.

At 6mm I have a set of the cheap general purpose indexable TCT tools. They are ok, but the screw is weak and the tool bits easily chip.


These tools came as a pair with two spare tips and 2 keys.

You can buy more inserts from the glanze website for around £5 each or £30 for a set of 10.


Just realised that these images are a tad high on the contrast and have some colour blooming – probably just right for Facebook.

One thing that is obvious comapred to the cheaper tools is that the screw can be tightened with confidence. You do have to be quite careful with the cheaper tools not to over-tighten.

Also the key fits the screw very securely.

The detail in the tool is fantastic with the relief at the rear of the tip that allows the sides of the carbide tip to locate securely with the tool.


I have now used this tool quite extensively with the Warco Wm240B on cast iron and it turns very well with clean fine chips. The undercut of the tool is just right to allow clearance when turning a recess.

Having turned on smaller lathes for years the experience of a larger lathe and tools to match is just fantastic. These tools do not budge, they are very solid.

Price: approx £42 for a pair of left and right 12mm tools


When comparing the tools online these glanze tools do look a tad on the high side at first. Once you have used them and realised the quality you will realise that they are worth every penny.

I have used the tools on cast iron quite extensively now and looking at the tips there is no sign of wear at all.

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