New From Chronos – Vertex Super Indexing Spacers


New in stock- available 6″ or 8″ chuck models

1.This index combines the advantages of the Super Index with those of a worm-geared index.
When mounted on a milling, boring or other machine tool it can carry out single-purpose indexing and indirect indexing using the worm-drive mechanism.

2.Disengaging the worm drive the 24-notch master plate permits 2,3,4,6,8,12 and 24 dividing in the same manner as the Simple Index.

3.When the chuck is removed, the unit can be used as a horizontal and vertical type rotary table. The operating handle to rotary table worm gear reduction ration is 1:90.
The operating handle collar is graduated in in one minute, and readings down to ten seconds can be set on the vernier.

CS6 Model                                                                                                               CS8 Model

Chuck Dia- 160 mm                                                                                             Chuck Dia- 200 mm
Height When Vertical – 235 mm                                                                     Height When Vertical – 285 mm
Height When Horizontal – 221 mm                                                                Height When Horizontal – 243 mm
Centre Height When Vertical – 123 mm                                                       Centre Height When Vertical – 185 mm