Chronos are pleased to announce we are now stocking the Superb Range of German Made Kunz Woodworking Tools

The Kunz Plus Range


These are now available at the best online prices at our dedicated woodworking website




Product details:

Manufactured from stress annealed fine grey- cast iron
All the surfaces of the chipbreaker and cap iron are finely machined to reduce blade chatter.
The rear handle and front knob are made from European cherry.
The blade adjuster knob and lever cap screw are polished brass.
Plane iron made from optimized tool steel. 3.5 mm thickness, hardened af 60-62 HRC, guaranteeing a significantly longer edge life
Easy and precise setting of mouth opening by turning just a single screw
Iron adjustment is made with just one single screw. Providing significantly improved performance characteristics
Mechanically ground Sole and precision made rectangular ground sides
Handle and knob made from noble native woods
Iron cap male from brushed precision steel