Clarke HIPPO5A 750W Submersible Pump With Float Switch (Ref: 7230536)

750W Submersible pump with float switch – This efficient submersible electric powered water pump is perfect for draining and transferring water in many different domestic situations. Examples of use include draining cellars and basements, flooded boats, pits, pools etc. It could also be used with the float switch disabled to drain blocked sinks or baths. Note: Suitable for use with clean water only

750W 230V motor
Auto start/stop float switch
Outlet:1¼” BSP with 3 step adaptor; 1¼” hose, 1” BSP, 1” hose,
208 l/min rated maximum flow rate
0m/8.5m Min/max head
Cable length 10m
Weight 5.3kg