0-1″ x 0.001″ Imperial Dial Gauge with Flat Magnetic Back

£16.99 (£20.39 incl VAT)

Measuring Range: 0-1″
Graduations: 0.001″
Indicator Feature
Accuracy meets or exceeds ANSI specifications. AGD 2 standards
Main movement gears are made from high quality brass with resistance to wear and rust
Spindle rack and contact points are made of hardened stainless steel, case is made from forged brass
Tolerance Markers. Rotating Bezel with clamp is making easy to set up measuring range.
Easy to read aluminum dial face with anti-glare finish
Interchangeable contact point with 4-48 thread.
Reverse Counter
Magnetic Indicator Back Feature
Magnet screws off
Powerful Magnet
Reading 0-100
Lug Back: 1/4″ Holes
Dial Diameter: 2-3/8″
Stem Diameter: 3/8″
Accuracy (1st 2.5 Rev): +/- 0.001″
Accuracy (Overall): +/- 0.002″
Magnetic Indicator Back:
Size 2-1/4″
Direct fits 2″ dial indicators
Magnet screws off base, holding power: 44 lbs
Diameter 9/16″


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0-1″ x 0.001″ Imperial Dial Gauge with Flat Magnetic Back from Chronos Engineering Supplies

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