5 in 1 35 mm Interchangeable Head Hammer

£18.30 (£21.96 incl VAT)

Instead of 5 hammers cluttering your workbench, have one hammer with 5 faces!
Dozens of uses at home, work and shop.
Multi-functional for woodworking, metal work, arts and crafts, and hobbies.
Classic hickory handle preferred by pros;
Threaded faces are easy to change, stay secure on zinc head.
Include hard-to-find copper for metal work without sparks. Metal head for other hard work,
Alu ,PU, Nylon head provide varying hardness for non-marring blows,and less recoil.
Head Size 35 MM


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5 in 1 35 mm Interchangeable Head Hammer from Chronos Engineering Supplies

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