Pocket Hole and Doweling Jig Kit Set


A Pocket Hole is an angled hole drilled into one board, which then allows you to drill a screw through to another board.
Very fast and accurate hardware tool to drill the straight holes and angle holes, and bury the screws for screw stealth.
2 effects combined to save money & time. 4-ways straight holes & 2-ways oblique holes for accurate screw joints.
Convenient and easy for quick drilling inclined holes to hide the screws in wooden furniture.
Reasonable design & flexible use with scale marking, easy to adjust the distance between the hole and the hole.
With wooden tenon hole, vertical drilling function, perfect tool for plate furniture.
Make drilling the angled hole easy with this extremely strong joint, and you can use it on any type of project and every screw is neatly hidden away.
Color: Grey + Blue
Material: Alloy Steel + ABS
Type: Inclined Hole Drill Bit
Oblique Hole Size: 9.5mm
Straight Hole Size: 6/8/10/12mm
Application: Drill Oblique Holes, Create or Repair Invisible Wood Joints.
Required Assembly Tools: Clamp Pliers, Cordless Screwdriver or An Electric Drill (Not Included)
Total Length(include handle bar): 230mm
Suitable Wood Thickness: 12-38mm
Four drill sizes:6,8,10,12mm(1/4”;5/16”;3/8”;1/2” )
1pc drill guider with handle
1pc HSS step drill
1pc square drive bit
1pc hex key wrench
1pc drill stopper
1pc 6mm(1/4”) wood drill
1pc 8mm(5/16”) wood drill
1pc 10mm(3/8”) wood drill
20pc 6 x 30mm(1/4”x1-1/8″ )wood dowel pins
20pc 8 x 40mm (5/16″x1-1/2″) wood dowel pins
20pc 10 x 40mm( 3/8?x1-1/2″)wood dowel pins
20pc wood screws

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