Soba Adjustable Angle Plate 5 x 7 Inch


Ground table surface. Graduated in degrees 0-45′- Size 5″ x 7″

Distance between mounting slots is 145 mm centre to centre

Our cast iron tilting table is a very useful accessory for setting work at an angle for milling or other operations.
T slots are machined along the length of the table and can swing upto 45° on either side. A degree scale for setting purposes with a
minimum one degree reading is graduated on the end face of cylinderical base itself. This ensures better setting accuracy. The table can be
set manually to the required tilt and is locked in the set position by means of two locking clamps held through bolts.
Made From close grained cast iron , stress relieved. Table top and base are flat and parallel within 0.05 mm per 300 mm.

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