Albion Alloys Abrasive Cleaning Disc

£6.60 (£7.92 incl VAT)

Abrasive Cleaning Disc
Extend the life of abrasives and files,
needle files, sanding blocks etc.
Removes plastic, wood and resin
debris and improves effectiveness of
all sanding tools
About Flex-i-file Precision Abrasives
A complete range of high quality abrasives and finishing products.
All products are designed with the modern model-maker & hobbyist in
mind and will help achieve the very best possible results.
Get the most out of today’s modern kits, aftermarket accessories and paints.
Sand, prime and finish plastic, resin and brass for a professional result.
A high quality and well thought out product, designed and produced for
model-makers by model-makers.


Albion Alloys Abrasive Cleaning Disc from Chronos Engineering Supplies

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