DASQUA 12 Pcs General Purpose Measuring Set


New ! Dasqua 12 PC Precision Engineers Tool Set

Includes !
1804-1065 Digital Caliper 0-150mm/0-6″
4111-8105 Outside Micrometer 0-25mm*0.01mm
5111-0000 Dail indicator 0-10mm*0.01mm,Flat back
7122-0004 Magnetic Base with Fine Adjustment 60KG
1012-1005 Protractor80*120mm,open Head
1501-1024 24pcs Screw pitch gauge 0.25- 7.0mm .Thread Angle: 60º
1351-0005 Radius gauge1.0-7.0mm,17 blades
1820-0100 20pcs Feeler Gauge 100mm*(0.05-1.0mm)
9111-1115 90°Beveled Edge Square100*70mm,DIN875/0
2875-4005 Scriber of 175mm with 90° hook
9000-3100 Ruler 0-150mm/6″*0.5mm/1.0mm/1/64″/1/32″/1/16″graduation
on front and back
3001-1001 Base Attachment for Caliper

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