Dasqua Black-Red 6 Inch Precision Carpenters Square



Introducing our Carpenter Square, a versatile and essential tool for accurate measurements and marking in carpentry projects. Crafted with precision using CNC machining, this square ensures high accuracy for reliable results. The laser marking with high-contrast Metric and Inch scale provides clear visibility and ease of reading. The perfectly machined combination of 90 and 45 degrees offers versatility in angle measurements. With its heavy-duty construction, this square is built to withstand the demands of professional use. The 10mm scribe marks easily fit carpenter pencils, allowing for precise marking. Upgrade your toolkit with the 6″ Carpenter Square 1804-5883 and experience enhanced accuracy and efficiency in your carpentry work.


CNC machined for high accuracy.
Laser marking with high contrast Metric/Inch scale
Perfectly machined combination of 90 and 45 degrees
Heavy-duty construction for durability
10mm scribe marks for compatibility with carpenter pencils


Type: Carpenter Square
Length: 6″

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