Dasqua Multi-function Rotary Square Metric 1804-5991


Introducing the Dasqua Multifunction Rotary Square, a versatile tool designed to simplify size marking, angle marking, and radius drawing in your projects. Its traditional triangle design enables quick and efficient marking of sizes and angles. Crafted from high-quality aluminum alloy using CNC machining, this square ensures durability and precision. The anodized surface treatment enhances its appearance and protection. With a center rotatable design, it allows you to draw up to 15 different radius circles effortlessly. The square’s design enables quick angle location and marking. It is perfect for multi-angle checking and offers easy rotatable operation. Upgrade your toolkit with the Multifunction Rotary Square 1804-5991 (Metric size) and experience enhanced accuracy and efficiency in your work.


Traditional triangle design for quick size marking and angle marking
Aluminum alloy CNC machined for high-quality and durable construction.
Anodized surface treatment for enhanced appearance and protection
Center rotatable design for drawing up to 15 different radius circles.
Quick angle locating and marking.
Perfect for multi-angle checking
Easy rotatable operation


Type: Multifunction Rotary Square
Measurement Units: Metric

• Traditional triangle design, quick size marking, and Angle marking.
• Aluminum alloy CNC machined, high-quality design, anodized surface treatment.
• Center rotatable process design, drawing up to 15 different radii of the circle.
• Quickly locate the angle needed and mark it.

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