Eze-Lap 2 inch x 6 inch Fine Grit Diamond Bench Stone (600) on a Walnut Pedestal- SORRY OUT OF STOCK


Ezelap Sharpening Products
EZE-LAP manufactures a wide variety of diamond products including small pocket size flat stones and compact round diamond sharpeners that are ideally suited for the fisherman or the outdoors person. Larger diamond bench stones are ideal for the workshop. There are even household and professional size diamond steels for the chef or butcher. EZE-LAP manufactures products using five different diamond grits.
Most sharpening can be performed by a fine 600 grit diamond. This has the abrasive ability to effectively sharpen a dull knife in less than a minute and bring the edge to keen razor finish. When your job requires a surface that will sharpen quickly, but still leave a high quality finish, we offer a medium 400 grit diamond. For those who wish to get the job done fast but are still interested in a good quality finish, try a coarse 250 grit diamond (for sharpening axes, shovels, garden tools, industrial shop tools and de-burring applications). For very fast metal removal try our extra coarse 150 grit diamond for roughing in or prepping for final finish. Extra coarse grit is available on all flat tools

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