Eze-lap 5/32 inch Diamond Chainsaw File with Precision Guide – 1 per pack.- SORRY OUT OF STOCK


This revolutionary Diamond Sharpener with a Precision Guide will provide the user with a fail safe sharpening system that will sharpen faster and more accurately than competitive products. The EZE-LAP is the quickest, easiest and most economic sharpening system available. The model has a 1/8″ shank that can be used effectively in most sharpening devices, including any common household hand drill. Model CSR shank is also threaded for use in some specialty devices.

Eze-Lap Diamond Chainsaw Sharpeners allow for precision sharpening with the chain in place. The shaft diameter will not distort, burn or shatter. The hook angle will stay the same. Sharpen any cutting teeth including carbides with a 1/10th of the force required for normal stones. They last 20 times longer than normal stones.

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