Eze-lap Super Fine Grit (1200) – Blue Handle Oval Shaft Folding Diamond


4″ x 3/4″ x 1/4″ Oval Shaft
Model 590
Super Fine Grit (1200)
Blue Folding Handle
Oval Shaft Diamond Sharpener

EZE-FOLD models have a carrying case that unfolds into a handle. When closed the case protects the diamond surface. When open the case becomes a functional handle.

3/4″ x 4″

1200 Grit Superfine

Overall Length when open – 230 mm

Length when folded – 130 mm

Getting Started

When first using your Eze-lap Sharpener the surface will appear to be quite coarse in texture. This roughness is due to the final manufacturing process and will be removed immediately with heavy filing action

As the diamond wears down more and more diamonds are exposed and the sharpener cuts faster . When more pressure is applied  the Eze-Lap will work even faster . Built with our superior materials and technology these sharpeners could last a lifetime !

Directions for use on Knives

Lay blade flat on diamond abrasive surface , elevate blade spine slightly )approx thickness of the blade) , rub in a circular motion periodically alternating sides . Start with a firm pressure to establish edge , once edge is established finish with light pressure .

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