Flex-i-File Touch n Flow System


Flex-I-File Touch-n-Flow
“Touch-N-Flow” is a lightweight, easy-to-handle applicator for liquid solvent cements. Save your brushes for painting; with “Touch-N-Flow” you can…
Join Seams with a Single Continuous Application
Apply a Micro-Droplet with Pin-Point Accuracy
Reach Into Tight Corners without Runs or Smears
“Touch-N-Flow” holds plastic solvent cements ready for immediate use. Bottle remains closed and off the work-bench… eliminating evaporation and accidental spillage.
In order to fill your Touch-N-Flow ready your plastic filler bottle by removing the steel tube and remove the lid from your Plast-I-Weld bottle. Next take your Touch-N-Flow and place the glass end into the hole of the blue cap on the filler bottle. Be careful not to force the Touch-N-Flow into the hole of the blue bottle cap, do not push it in too far. Next take your Touch-N-Flow that is attached to the filler bottle and place the needle of the Touch-N-Flow into the Plast-I-Weld. Squeeze the plastic filler bottle, this releases air and you will see air bubbles released into the Plast-I-Weld. Release pressure on the filler bottle, making sure the needle of the Touch-N-Flow is securely placed in the Plast-I-Weld solvent cement. At this point the Touch-N-Flow will draw up the solvent cement into the glass applicator. When you have an ample amount of solvent cement in the Touch-N-Flow remove the filler bottle from the end of the Touch-N-Flow. Remember to keep the needle of the Touch-N-Flow in the Plast-I-Weld until the filler bottle is completely off. If you fail to do this the solvent cement will be drawn up into the filler bottle and this is not what you want.
In case the Touch-N-Flow gets plugged up, here’s a way to get it started again.
Fill the plastic filler bottle no more than 1/2 to 3/4 full. Take the steel tube off the filler bottle and insert the Touch-N-Flow in through the blue cap of the bottle, keeping the tip of the needle approximately 1/8” off the bottom. Let it stand and soak for approximately 5 minutes. When the glass part of the Touch-N-Flow begins to fill by itself, you know the tip is clean. If it does not start by itself, you may squeeze the plastic bottle slightly to get it started.
That’s all there is to it!
If you would like to empty the Touch-N-Flow, use the process described above to fill it. Another way to empty your Touch-N-Flow is to leave the Touch-N-Flow on your workbench after you have finished working. The solvent cement left inside will evaporate and leave the Touch-N-Flow ready for next time.
Happy Modeling!

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