Glanze MT2 25 mm Indexable Endmill with 3 APKT Inserts SORRY OUT OF STOCK


New !
25 mm dia cutting head with 3 x APKT1003 Inserts
MT2 Shank with 10 mm Drawbar thread

These new GLANZE Indexable Endmills offer low levels of noise and vibration. They have a true helicoil cutting edge and a hardened steel cutter body which can give a true 90 degree corner. They are suitable for shoulder milling , face milling , side milling and slotting. They employ a torx screw and key for safer grip and insert clamping .
The positive , light cutting but secure insert geometries make high metal removal rates possible , even on smaller , low powered machines . These inserts generate high quality surfaces – even at high feed rates . They cut extremley cleanly.

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