Iwata Airbrush Cleaning Kit [IWCL-100]


Clean your airbrush like a pro!

Unique tools and expert instructions to clean & maintain any style of airbrush.

The Iwata Airbrush Cleaning Kit includes:

  • Cleaning Kit Instructions – Step by step process to get your airbrush clean and pristine
  • 3 Extra Small Cleaning Brushes – For the tiniest openings and crevices of your airbrush (brush colours vary)
  • 50 Pipe Cleaners – With non-shredding cotton fibers
  • Artool Studio Wipes Pouch (x12 wipes) – Wipe down your airbrush or needle and keep your work surface clean
  • 1 oz bottle Medea Airbrush Cleaner (28ml) – Highly concentrated and ready-to-use for airbrushes and most surfaces
  • Medea Super Lube (2ml) – A small drop keeps your airbrush parts moving smoothly
  • Iwata Nozzle Wrench – Easily remove your nozzle without damage
  • Iwata LED Magnifier – See parts up close at 30x/60x with white and blue LED lights
  • Iwata Case with Latch and Hang Loop – All your cleaning tools in one convenient case

The Iwata Airbrush Cleaning Kit Refill Pack is also available.

3 Extra Small Cleaning Brushes Cleaning Kit Instructions 50 Pipe Cleaners
Artool Studio Wipes Pouch 1 oz bottle Medea Airbrush Cleaner Medea Super Lube
Iwata Nozzle Wrench Iwata LED Magnifier Iwata Case with Latch and Hang Loop

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