New 8mm Sq Shank Clamp Type Parting Tool with 63mm M-35 HSS Chipbreaker Blade- SORRY OUT OF STOCK


1.5 mm  thick x 5.5 mm  high x 63 mm  long
50 MM long x 20 mm high. Shank is 8 mm  thick .
This type of parting blade produces a chip narrower than the blade itself and is ideal for parting off, grooving and similar operations. The increased clearance angles on each side of the blade reduces friction and the narrow design conserves material being cut and reduces the heat generated when cutting.
The blades are T-shaped , these thicker blades are great for parting off larger diameters where you need additional rigidity.
They are 5% Cobalt – this gives a much higher heat resistance

Out of stock

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