Permagrit Rotary Drum 13.5mm dia.


Large Rotaries
Large Rotary DRUM Burr Coarse Grit.
Maximum speed 20,000 rpm.

Shaft / arbor 6.35 mm (1/4″)

Overall length 45mm

Gritted length 20mm
Widest point 13.5mm

(all measurements are approximate)

Unlike conventional fluted rotary burrs, these have tungsten carbide grit brazed to the surface.  This allows them to cut in any direction without chipping or losing their edge.  Turned down from solid steel, they are perfectly balanced and designed for use in air tools.  They will quickly remove and shape all composite materials as well as wood, ceramics etc.

Tungsten carbide abrasive grit.  Designed for Aircraft, Motorsport, Boat industry, Shop & Kitchen fitters.  Architectural restoration, Sculptors etc.

Use on GRP, Fiber Glass, Composite, Carbon fiber, Acrylics, Wood, Laminates, Ceramics, Stone
REMEMBER:- Always wear protective goggles when using cutting discs or rotary tools.

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