Proxxon 12/E Hot Wire Cutter 12V and NG 2/E Mains Adaptor – Package Deal


Proxxon THERMOCUT 12/E Hot Wire Cutting Device 12V

Cutting wires (200 x 0.85mm) can be deformed for the manufacture of any profile by hand or pliers
Pivoted fixing element at top
Extendable wire fixing for maximum extension of 200mm.
Cutting temperature infinitely variable
Polarity-protected system plug
We recommend MICROMOT mains adaptors with a capacity of 2.0A for operation
Proxxon MICROMOT NG 2/E Mains Adaptor

Proxxon reliability
Tough heat resistant NORYL casing
Foldable rest for Micromot tools

Package deal comprises the Proxxon THERMOCUT 12/E Hot Wire Cutting Device 12V and the Proxxon MICROMOT NG 2/E Mains Adaptor.

Proxxon THERMOCUT 12/E Hot Wire Cutting Device 12VFor free modelling in styrofoam. For the manufacture of any profile.For free cutting in thick styrofoam panels for Diorama model railway construction. For architectural model building, prototype construction, for designers and decorators. For fine work on construction insulation. And of course for classical model building. No “crumbling” as when working with knife and sandpaper!Stable frame with pivoted fixing element and extendable lower wire fixing. This means a maximum extension of 200mm. Workpiece height 150mm. Cutting wire temperature infinitely variable. With a little practice, you can achieve optimum cuts depending on the material density and thickness. This is mostly possible at medium temperatures and without too much pressure. Heat-up time 1 second! Complete with five deformable cutting wires 200 x 0.85mm.Technical data: 12V. 60W. 50/60Hz. Cutting wire temperature is variable between 150° and 350°. We recommend MICROMOT mains adaptors with a capacity of 2.0A for operation.Note: Styrofoam is an inexpensive material, and extremely environmentally friendly compared with all other materials. Can be purchased in specialist shops and DIY centres.

Proxxon MICROMOT NG 2/E Mains AdaptorThe mains adaptor NG 2/E is a 230V to 12V unit suitable for many of the Proxxon machines. The NORYL casing is heat resistant, which is a necessity for transformer enclosures. The red LED indicates readiness for use and the PTC element (Positive Temperature Coefficient) prevents overload of the unit. A foldable tool rest provides a secure place for keeping the MICROMOT tools at the ready.

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