Proxxon PRIMUS Vice – 75mm 475090

£42.71 (£51.25 incl VAT)

* Multipurpose Vices feature exact feed
* For industry and demanding hobbists
* Interchangeable hardened jaws, slotted vertically and horizontally
* Both jaws are slotted at the top for gripping flat work pieces
* Solid, cast iron base with CNC machined ways
* Feed screw features a rolled thread for ease of movement
* PRIMUS 75: 75mm jaw width, 65mm opening

Multipurpose Vices “PRIMUS” feature exact feed, ease of operation and accuracy. These vices are suitable for industry or the demanding home users. Fitted with interchangeable hardened jaws, slotted both vertically and horizontally, so either round or odd shaped objects may be clamped. Both jaws are slotted at the top, facilitating gripping of flat work pieces. The solid, cast iron base has CNC machined ways. The relatively high weight may allow use of the vice without fastening it down. The feed screw features a rolled thread which ensures ease of movement even with high axial loads.


Proxxon PRIMUS Vice – 75mm 475090 from Chronos Engineering Supplies

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