SCT Adjustable Angle Plate with Swivel Base 180 x 150mm SORRY OUT OF STOCK


Perfect for setting work at any angle during milling or other operations.
2 screw lock setting.saves setup time.
Range-45°to+45°.Graduated in degress for setting purposes.
With swivel base

Angle settings on any machine with no problem, adjustable 45 degress both sides, made of cast iron, low plate height and bigger working space, it includes a swivel base so you can rotate the plate any angle you want. 1. Heavy duty closed grain Cast Iron body.
2. Accurately Machined T-Slots.
3. Ideal for 3 axis jobs on Milling, Drilling, Grinding, Shaping and Jig Boaring, 3 axis movement allows table to be adjusted at any angle. 4.2 screw lock setting.saves setup time.

A 180 mm
B 130 mm
C 35 mm
D 150 mm
E 10 mm
F 81 mm

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