Soba Block Plane with Adjustable Mouth


NO. 60.1/2 6″/150mm
These planes are for general purpose work. The planes have a ductile cast iron body which is fully stress relived with carbon steel blades. This ensures good fit between the parts for accurate adjustments. The blade depth and mouth is adjustable. The adjustable mouth is useful to vary chip thickness. A very narrow mouth is best for fine finishing, while a wider mouth allows quick stock removal on less-critical work. The brass cap irons are large and comfortable. A real pleasure to use these tools have an extremely pleasing feel in the hand. Useful for all types of woodworking jobs. We have two models available one is the standard model and the other is the premium quality plane with 3 brass caps for easy adjustments.


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Soba Block Plane with Adjustable Mouth from Chronos Engineering Supplies

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