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  • SOBA Compound Sliding Table : The T-Slots are machined from Solid. Equipped with two axis positioning. Dovetailed slides have adjustable steel gibs to compensate for wear. The surface table can swivel all round and 0° is marked to show the angular movement.
  • * A heavy, rugged slide used in all kinds of positioning, can be used for most types of positioning, milling, great for mounting on drilling machines etc for precise positioning when jig boring or drilling, optical viewing and staging; Ideal for all drill stands, drilling and milling machines.
  • Base have bolt slots for machine mounting. Adjustable gibs for heavy loads.
  • These precision built casting slide tables are the close Grey Iron dully stress relieved accurately machined and ground surface provide tolerance well within range.

Product description

SOBA Compound Slide Table : Produced from close grained cost iron with the castings stress relived. All SOBA cross slide tables have tops precision ground to an accuracy of 0.001″ (0.025 mm). Total indicator reading dials are graduated in 0.001″ increments with a wheel handle at the ends of the table top, positioning may be performed from either side. Technical Details: Ordering No. : 110340. Size of Table : 6 x 6 Inch / 150 x 150 mm, Height : 5.1/8 Inch / 130 mm, Cross Sliding : 5 Inch / 125 mm, Longitudinal Sliding : 5 Inch / 125 mm, T Slot Size : 1/2 Inch / 12 mm, Wheel Calibration : 0.001 Inch / 90 degree, Net Weight : 14.000 Kg.

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