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New ! – Fantastic Value !
Brand new ! This super value set from Soba comprises three of their most popular Woodworking Tools
1. 260112 Block Plane
No 9 1/2 (6″/150mm)
These planes are for general purpose work. The planes have a ductile cast iron body which is fully stress relived with carbon steel blades.
This ensures good fit between the parts for accurate adjustments. The blade depth and mouth is adjustable.
The adjustable mouth is useful to vary chip thickness.
A very narrow mouth is best for fine finishing, while a wider mouth allows quick stock removal on less-critical work. The brass cap irons are large and comfortable.
A real pleasure to use these tools have an extremely pleasing feel in the hand. Useful for all types of woodworking jobs.

2. 26055 – Smoothing Plane no 4

As the name suggests a very good plane for general smoothing and final finishing work.
A must for every workshop.
The long sole of the planes ensure good results for flattening large surfaces without any bumps and valleys.
The planes have a ductile cast iron body which is fully stress relived and carbon steel blade
3.260150 – Flat Spoke Shave
A useful tool for detailed work like pattern making , carving , and model making . The spokeshave has a cast iron body with steel blades having vertical & lateral adjustments
Traditional style spokeshave with fully adjustable blade
250mm long body and fully adjustable blade, 55mm long.

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