Stirling and Hot Air Engines


Roy Darlington & Keith StrongThis book demonstrates how to design, build and optimise Stirling engines, with a workshop section that is almost a book in it’s own right. A broad selection of Roy’s engines are described giving a valuable insight into Stirling engines. In addition a comprehensive set of plans for one of his unique engines are included. The appendices have useful information that is rarely found in the same place. Eg. Did you know that diamond conducts heat many times better than copper?
It is almost impossible to be all things to all people, somehow this book is as relevant to the beginner, as to the professional, providing an unrivalled content covering almost every aspect of Stirling engines, yet maintaining a wider relevance to all engineers and designers. A highly readable yet detailed book, lavishly illustrated with computer generated images and hundreds of detailed photographs, making Roy’s many years of engineering excellence and methodology together with Keith’s extensive engineering and design knowledge available to hobbyists, students, engineers, academics and professionals alike.
Comment from onlooker whilst watching one of these engines in operation:
“I understand what you’re saying, and I can see one working in front of me, but I still don’t believe it.”
Roy Darlington has become one of the most widely respected authorities on small Stirling Engines. His engines have puzzled ‘experts’ and yet run on the simplest of principles.
These engines are a delight to watch and the accumulation of knowledge contained within these pages will keep many a potential Stirling engineer fascinated for hours.
The book broadly is divided into four main parts.
The Introduction, which describes the principles and design ethos, which are used on his engines.
The machining, workshop techniques and processes that go to build such high quality engines.
– A description of a selection of Roy’s engines that encompass many different variations and types of hot air and Stirling engine.
– Plans for the engine that powers Stirling Silver II – a model ship, also used to power his solar powered engine.
– This book provides an essential reference to engineers, teachers, students and hobbyists and aims to provide a thorough insight into designing and building Stirling and hot air engines.
Demonstrates how to design, build and optimize Stirling engines. A broad selection of engines are described, giving valuable insight into the many different types of hot air engines, and a great deal of information relating to the manufacture of these engines is included. This is both relevant to beginner and professional.

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