Tormek T-4 Water Cooled Sharpening System with HTK-706 Hand Tool Kit SORRY OUT OF STOCK


  • Compact, high quality sharpening system.
  • NVR switch, providing safety in the event of an interruption of power.
  • 200mm (8″) diameter stone.
  • Stainless steel shaft.
  • Sharpen your plane irons and chisels with a perfectly square edge.
  • Ideal for sharpening hand tools, knives, scissors, wood turning and woodcarving tools. SP-650 Stone Grader and AngleMaster included
  • Compatible with a huge range of Tormek jigs. Strengthened housing for improved sharpening results.
  • Solid zinc, precision machined top incorporating the handle.
  • 7 year warranty
  • Tormek HTK-706 Hand Tool Kit

HTK-706 Hand Tool Kit contains:

  • SVM-45 Short knife jig
  • SVM-140 Long thin knife jig
  • SVX-150 Scissor jig
  • SVS-32 Short tool jig
  • SVA-170 Axe grinding kit
  • SVM-00 Small Knife Holder
    (All contained in a quality storage box)

Out of stock

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