Dasqua Universal Magnetic Stand – New Design with Fine Adjustment 100 KG 7122-0035


With this new design fine adjustment on the top of the base , you can more easily adjust and stabilize the position the Dial Gauge or Dial Indicator, This is much more user friendly and positive compared to the old ordinary adjustment on the stem

1. Magnetic base with On/Off switch
2. Magnetic base with new design fine adjustment
3. Dovetail groove for test indicator
4. Clamp hole 8mm
5. Aluminium alloy stem
Base- 50 c 55 x 65 mm
Upright Arm 150mm
Horizontal Arm – 110mm
Strong 100 KG Magnet with on off Switch

Mechanical central locking of all joints.
Special structure ensures high pressure.
Powerful permanent magnet.
V-grooved base for ease of mount on cylindrical parts also.
Joined arms rotate 360°on the dial indicator holder and can be twisted 180°.
Smooth and easy on/off switch.

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