Chronos Sponsoring Bennett Drag Racing Team


Chronos have for some years been sponsoring the highly successful Bennett Drag Racing Team. The Bennett Family have been drag racing around Europe for over 30 years. It all began with a radically chopped forties Ford Pop  named Phantasm in the spring of 1982. Always a strong challenger with its 302 cubic inch chevy barking out the horse power. Phantasm was one of the most feared and yet well liked cars of its time and was often seen in the winners circle collecting the spoils of victory.???


Phantasm- The Beginning

These days they are running the  FIA Top Methanol Funny Car and the NFAA 2009 Champion Relentless Fuel Altered.  The body is a 2003 Pontiac Firebird running on a 125 inch chrome-moly funny car chassis.  The engine is a Donovan Chevy with Morgan billet aluminium heads and a Kobelco Hi-helix 14-71 supercharger.


Bennett Racing build their own engines, everything from a 11,000rpm small block Chevy screamer to the current 3000+ horsepower 511 cubic inch big block.

If you need an engine built get in touch.  They can also rebuild and repair superchargers and  can make and alter parts in house . The machine shop is well kitted out and many of the tools in use were supplied by Chronos including the superb Clarke CL430 Lathe and Clarke CMD10 Milling Machine, together with all the necessary lathe tools , clamping kits,milling cutters required for machining plus vices,metalbenders etc for fabrication.

Clarke Mill Supplied by Chronos
Work in Progress
Clarke CL430 Lathe supplied by Chronos

Currently the car is undergoing a full chassis rebuild – and along the way the are attempting to shed some 150 lbs from the cars weight- even the gear shifter gets milled out on the Clarke Mill to save weight! see below

How to lose weight ! With a Clarke CMD1225C from Chronos








and for the future ?- Here’s a sneak preview of the new project- The Bennett Racing 1932 Bantam Supercharged Outlaw – This car will run a 511 cubic inch (about 8.5 litre) supercharged big block Chevy V8.

Bennett Racing 1932 Bantam Supercharged Outlaw